See Your Countertops in Your Kitchen Before You Buy with Distinctive Kitchen & Bath

See Your Countertops in Your Kitchen Before You Buy with Distinctive Kitchen & Bath

In the smart, technology-charged world we live in today, there isn’t any need to spend hours at a countertop fabricator, poring over miles and miles of countertop material – and trying to imagine how the different countertop materials would look in our kitchen at home – in order to make the best decision about our own kitchen work surfaces.

Using cutting edge computer design technology from Slabsmith, Distinctive creates templates for each customer purchasing natural stone countertops, taking into account any breaks or necessary holes in the slabs for sinks, faucets, and seams.

After that, the countertop specialists at Distinctive Kitchen & Bath will take a high-quality photo of a customer’s desired countertop material – whether they choose the pearliest marble, or the deepest, darkest granite – and overlay this onto the template, creating an illuminating digital image that shows how their countertops will look before the material has been cut or fabricated.

But how can this service benefit you?

The virtual countertop image allows you to try before we cut.

Thanks to the advancement of digital imaging technology, any customer of Distinctive Kitchen & Bath kitchen countertops can see what their chosen countertop material will look like when it has been fabricated to measure, taking into account the unique design of their kitchen.

While you won’t physically see the countertops in your kitchen before you buy, the digital imaging technology used by Distinctive will allow you to get the best idea of what your countertop material will look like as actual countertops. So, you’ll be able to see where the seams will go, the placement of the veins of your chosen material in addition to any other natural characteristics of the stone you choose.

Distinctive Kitchen & Bath allows customers to customize their countertops.

After Distinctive Kitchen & Bath create the digital image, they send the image to their customers to review. If they’re happy with how the countertops look, they can approve the image. On the other hand, Distinctive Kitchen & Bath want to create countertops which perfectly satisfy their customers, so they welcome any suggestions about material/seam placement that a customer might have.

This is particularly useful for customers considering material such as quartz, granite, quartzite or soapstone – as customers can make suggestions relating to the specific placement of the stone’s natural features and characteristics, such as veins.

For example, if a customer notices some veins near the edge of the kitchen surface that they would like to display in the prime position – in the middle of the kitchen countertops – they can request that the material is cut with this objective in mind.


There’s no need to take time off work.

Thanks to the process being 100% digital, customers of Distinctive Kitchen & Bath can approve their layout all from an email.

More than this, the kitchen countertop specialists at Distinctive Kitchen & Bath are available to contact on zoom, if you want to talk through your suggestions or get answers to your countertop-related queries.

Particularly in this period of time, when the pandemic still pervades the nation, the team at Distinctive Kitchen & Bath feel that it is important to offer as many services as possible virtually – though the showroom is as safe as can be, with extensive cleaning and safety precautions in place to protect those who’d prefer to see the countertop materials in person – so that their customers have the option of staying inside the safety of their home, without having to delay a much-needed kitchen rejuvenation.

What happens next?

When a customer is completely satisfied with the design of their countertops – and they approve of the placement of the seams, and the placement of any natural characteristics of the countertop material they choose – the installation experts from Distinctive Kitchen & Bath will get started to make their digitally created countertops a reality in their home.


So, if you want to be sure that you’re making the right choice – and you want to see what your kitchen countertops will look like before you make the big decision to buy – head over the Distinctive Kitchen & Bath website, or visit their showroom in Columbus, Ohio.