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The Best Choice for Black Countertops

Is Black Granite a Good Choice for Kitchen Countertops?

The black and white kitchen is in, specifically white cabinets with black countertops. When exploring your options for the latter, black granite is the best choice for kitchen countertops. It’s beautiful, rugged, and functional. And while it may be considered a bold choice by some, black granite offers a unique aesthetic that no other color or material can match.

Here’s what you can expect when you make black granite kitchen countertops part of your home:

Black Granite Durability

When you choose black for your kitchen countertops, two common options are black quartz and black granite. If you’re basing your decision on durability alone, black granite wins.

That’s because black quartz can scratch more easily than black granite, which could mar the appearance of your kitchen countertop. Black granite can stand up to tough kitchen challenges and look like new for years to come.

Along with its scratch resistance, black granite also stands up to heat. If you put a hot pot on your granite countertop, you won’t have to worry about it burning a ring into your material.

What’s more, black granite is very resilient against stains because of its density. Its non-porous surface repels liquids and debris instead of letting them seep into the material.

Black Granite Price

When comparing black quartz and black granite on price, black granite is the less expensive option. Specifically, black pearl granite (one of our most popular granite choices) gives you a nice bang for your buck. The stunning bits of silver mica in the black pearl granite give off a beautiful contrast. It looks like a twinkling night sky in your own kitchen.

Black granite is also less expensive than soapstone black. What’s more, because soapstone typically contains talc, it’s a bit softer than granite and therefore more susceptible to scratches.

Granted, price isn’t everything. But when you combine the upfront cost savings with its long-lasting durability, then black granite becomes an even more cost-effective choice.


Black Countertops White Cabinets



Low Maintenance

It’s easier to keep your countertops looking like new when they’re low maintenance. If that’s your goal, then black granite makes a smart choice.

You won’t need any special cleaners or chemicals to keep your countertops in good condition. Just a little hot water is enough to maintain its sparkle.

However, low maintenance doesn’t mean impervious to all damage. It’s best practice to seal your granite countertops once per year to resist stains and water.

Variety of Finishes

The right finish option can pull together your white and black kitchen design. Black granite gives you plenty of variety in terms of appearance: polished, leathered, or honed.

Leathered is becoming a very popular choice for home bars and basements. It’s less shiny but offers more than a hint of texture.

Polished granite shines and offers a glossy look and feel. The mirror-like finish brings out the granite’s natural depth of color and unique patterns. Plus, a polished finish is the least porous of the three options, which could make maintenance a little easier.

For a less shiny yet equally rich aesthetic, honed granite is ideal for a contemporary look. A smooth texture without the shine lets your countertops blend in with the scenery instead of stealing the show. Something to keep in mind is that honed finishes are more porous than polished granite and may require more frequent sealing. Sealing helps to protect against spills and stains so your granite looks great for years to come.

The black granite finish you choose can change the entire aesthetic of your kitchen. Still, it’s hard to make a “wrong” choice if you’re going for a modern white and black kitchen.

Here is an example of Black Pearl in a leathered finished compared to a polished finish.

Black Pearl Leather vs Polished


Come See Black Granite Kitchen Countertops in Person!

Our Distinctive Kitchen showroom in Columbus can help you put black granite countertops into perspective and decide whether they’re the right choice for your new kitchen. We invite you to speak with one of our in-house designers who can help you explore your material and finish options to make the white and black kitchen of your dreams!