Distinctive Kitchen is honored to partner with Breton, an international corporation specializing in the design and production of state-of-the-art industrial machinery and plants, and open our doors as their North American Showroom.  This partnership will allow Breton clients to visit our showroom and production facility to see a wide variety of Breton Routers, Saws and a Waterjet in operation.  Distinctive was chosen over other US fabricators due to its technologically updated, new and efficiently functioning high volume facility. 

Jon Rupert, Owner and Operator of Distinctive Kitchen, is featured in this video announcing the partnership and the positive impact of Breton machinery relative to fabrication quality, efficiency and growth.


ABOUT BRETON: Breton is a family owned Italian company with headquarters in Castello di Godego (Treviso), with two production plants in Campiglia dei Berici and Vedelago, and six foreign branches.Breton has become a global organisation, a technological leader in all its areas of expertise, including machine tools for metals, carbon fibre and plastics, and additive manufacturing plants. Breton is also the world's largest company operating in the production of machines and plants for processing natural stone, and for fabricating and processing mineral surface.