New Tile Backsplash Showroom

Tile Backsplash Showroom Now Open


New Tile Backsplash Showroom Now Open

The tile backsplash has reinvented kitchen design. An area of kitchens that has been largely neglected through the decades is now getting the attention it deserves. From retro to subway tile, textured or smooth, colorful or neutral, the backsplash is oozing with personality.

As Ohio’s leader in all things countertops and tile, Distinctive Kitchen is pleased to announce our new tile backsplash showroom is now open. Come get inspired in person, and read on to learn how to a backsplash helps you get creative in your kitchen.

What is a Tile Backsplash?

Tile backsplashes fill the space between the top of your kitchen countertops and the bottom of your hanging wall cabinets and span the length of the countertop. Many homeowners choose to install a tile backsplash for aesthetic purposes, but they can also make this space easier to clean. Simply wipe away any food “splashes” to keep your walls looking like new.

Benefits of Tile Backsplash

Tile has a history of being easy to clean, but that’s not the only reason it belongs in your kitchen. Tiles also resist moisture, mold, and staining, a feat that regular walls haven’t mastered.

They’re easy to maintain, and since they’re non-porous, they will keep their appearance over time.

And if it’s been a while since you explored various tile options, you’ll find that there’s a tile backsplash to suit every style. Picking out a backsplash that fits your home’s personality is part of the fun! From subway tile to marble backsplash to glass mosaics, large tiles or small tiles, patterns or solids, this is your chance to get creative.

Our Best Tips for Choosing a Tile Backsplash

When you’re considering applying a tile backsplash in your kitchen, we highly recommend coming into our showroom in person to see your options up close. But that’s just the beginning. Use these tips to choose a backsplash pattern you’ll love seeing in your kitchen every day:

Stick with Your Kitchen’s Color Scheme

Your bare space between the countertops and cabinets likely doesn’t get much attention now. But when you apply a tile backsplash, this space will become a big focal point of your kitchen. That’s why you’ll want to complement the rest of your kitchen instead of getting too out of character. When done well, your backsplash will look like it was part of the design all along rather than treated as an afterthought.

Mix Up Tile Patterns

Depending on your kitchen layout, you may be able to do different backsplashes on different walls. Many of our clients invest more in the space above the sink or range because those spaces tend to be bigger and command more attention.

You might do a tile backsplash along the small spaces in between your cabinets and countertops and opt for a marble backsplash above your range, for example. This works especially well when you have countertops and your range or sink on different walls.

Or, you might choose to do a neutral tile backsplash for most of your kitchen and go bolder above the range or sink. These areas already get more attention than other wall space in your kitchen, so a brighter or bolder texture or color can work well.

Do a Test Run

Sometimes, you simply don’t know what you want until you see it in action. Once you narrow your favorites, use samples of countertop and cabients from our larges whoroom. Get a feel for how they look with your individual kitchen. See which ones start to grow on you and which ones don’t suit your kitchen as well as you’d hoped. There’s nothing like making the right choice the first time.


 Tile backsplash Room



Explore the Largest Selection of Tile Backsplash in Ohio!

Our tile backsplash showroom is open for you to explore and our design team is ready to meet with you. We’ll work with you to help you choose a backsplash that will complement your kitchen and capture the personality of your home. And, if you’re in the market to update your kitchen, we provide a one-stop shop for all things countertops, cabinets, and now tile backsplashes. 

Come visit us today and let your creativity be your guide!