Quartz vs. Granite

Jon Rupert, the owner of Distinctive Surfaces was recently featured on the Posh Haven Blog, an interior design Blog ran by M.Clark on the reality of Granite vs. Quartz. 


View the blog by clicking here: http://poshhavenblog.com/2018/01/11/is-quartz-the-new-granite/


A big topic for 2018 interior design:

Countertops. What’s in, what’s out?

Many designers will be stepping away from Granite and sourcing more Marble stone for their projects. Another surface causing lots of designer buzz this year? Quartz.

Quartz has been around for some time; with recent technological changes, the new Quartz is becoming more and more “wow” worthy.

In fact, the new Quartz looks nothing like the old speckled, pebbly stone that made it to market years ago. The new look is simplified and sophisticated.

Designers, many times love to play with scale to create a dramatic look.

A large slab of Quartz with one long vein running throughout can create a stunning visual; it is reminiscent of Marble without the annual maintenance.

But back to the topic of Granite, is it really “out”? To help me navigate the topic, I reached out to local countertop expert, Jon Rupert, owner of Distinctive Surfaces.
Jon provides insight on the differences between Granite and Quartz; the pros and cons to both and answers the pressing question: Is it really over, Granite?

1. Is Granite really “out”?

Granite is not “out”; Quartz is the new kid on the block that is getting a lot of attention, and there are big money manufactures that are able to invest big in advertising. One big reason why granite is still a popular choice is that it tends to be more affordable than quartz. For 4th quarter 2017,
Granite was 62% of all jobs and Quartz was 48% of all jobs installed by us.

2. Modern pattern or grain of Granite?

Solid blacks, as well as white and black granites tend to be the most popular

3.Tried and true Granite brands?

There is no real “brand” of granite, its mined from earth. Most popular countries of origin are Brazil, India and Italy.

4. Pro’s and con’s of Granite

Unmatched natural look
Heat durability
Entry level granite pricing is lower than Quartz
Larger color selections
Different finishes available such as Polished (most common), Honed, Leathered.
Easier to repair. Con’s:
Porous (can stain)
Fissures and pits (naturally occurring micro cracks that can be felt or sean)

5.Thoughts on Quartz? Pros and cons?

Non Porous (Stain resistant)
Scratch Resistant
Great option when looking for white countertops or a marble look, because it resist stains
Consistent patterns and colors. Customers can buy off samples. Con’s:
Tougher to repair if there is a problem in the future
Not heat resistant

5. Is there plastic in Quartz?

There isn’t any plastic in Quartz. It’s comprised of 93% natural Quartz and 7% of resin and pigment.

6.What are the new countertop trends worth following?

Mitered edges (making a countertop look thicker than it really is)
Compact Surfaces (Dekton)

7.Most heavy duty, low maintenanace countertop? Stain and heat resistant?

Black / Very dark Granite

8. Does countertop thickness improve the look? Ideal thickness?

Yes it can, standard thickness is 1 ¼”. The new trend is making it look thicker by mitering the edge.

9. Best white countertop? Hearing lots of demand for white countertops lately.

For looks: Marble
For Durability / low maintenance: Quartz

10. Love the look of slab of stone for backsplash that matches countertop. Is this more expensive than ceramic tile?

Full height stone or quartz backsplashes are the same price as a countertop.

Any other backsplash trends you’re seeing?

One trend we’re seeing is more customers opting out of backsplashes all together.

There you have it! Granite continues to be a great option for cost, look and long term durability. Quartz is super posh and perfect for those who want the look of marble without the maintenance. Marble is timeless and the best option for those who love clean, gorgeous, natural stone. If you’ve been contemplating updating your kitchen, you’re in luck. The countertop options have never been better. Regardless of your budget, you’ll find something gorgeous and perfectly depictive of your taste. Good luck and happy upgrading, decoristas!