White Quartz Countertops

White Quartz Countertops - A Rising Modern Trend In 2021


With the global countertop market predicted to reach a ~$110 billion net worth by 2027, it stands to reason that this industry features its own unique set of trends within the ever-evolving modern age. For example, it wasn’t that long ago that Distinctive Kitchen & Bath based in Columbus witnessed a demand surge for granite countertops for its 100% natural material vibe. Now, it is important to note that granite will likely never become outdated for its cosmic authentic appeal and is always a solid choice to go with. However, when it comes to trends in the year 2021, the underpinning countertop material on the rise is none other than white quartz.


Quartz countertops, also known as the engineered stone, surfaced back in 1963 using technology that seamlessly blended about 90% ground quartz (one of the earth's hardest minerals) with about a 10% mixture of resins, pigments, and polymers to create an exceptionally durable, yet luxurious surface. Though it has been around and leverage for decades, it wasn’t until the last 10-ish years when it began to gain traction within the competitive countertop market. Fast forward to today, white quartz countertops in particular has made a trending entrance in society based on Statista stats, and for more reasons than one.


 1. Exceptionally Affordable

First off, a primary reason why white quartz has become so popular thus far in 2021 is due to the affordable cost to gain such high value. For instance, the average cost for marble countertops is between $75-250, granite is $45-200, and quartz is from $55-$155. Looking at this from the highest quality perspective, you can gain the highest tier quartz for less than both marble and granite's highest categories. In summary, the quality you decide on will determine the final cost, but you can have the confidence you will obtain wonderful outcomes on the budget-friendly side.


2. Natural Looking Marble Appearance

Another big component for the rise of white quartz is its alluring, sophisticated appearance. White quartz has a very natural-looking marble appeal, which can also be tailored to fit any kitchen style design. In today's modern age, simplicity and minimalism is the driving factor for that clean kitchen feel, a demand that white quartz can fulfill with ease. Not to mention that if the underlying mission is to obtain a marble look with granite durability, quartz makes for the perfect, cost-effective alternative to achieve the best of both worlds.  


3. Durable and No Maintenance Necessary

 It has been noted a few times thus far, but quartz is one of the strongest and most durable minerals on the planet. Due to this, quartz makes for an ideal countertop for those who are looking for a long-term investment without having to worry about maintenance. Sure, you will want to clean any spills accordingly, but have peace of mind knowing that the white quartz surface will not stain, crack, and does not require resealing. The moment your white quartz countertops are installed, you can expect them to look as new and fresh for decades as the day you put them in.


4. Variety of Quality Suppliers

 Here at Distinctive Kitchen & Bath, you can browse through a vast selection of quality suppliers, such as Hanstone, Silestone, Cambria, and Caesarstone. Why does this matter? Because it means that you are guaranteed to have quality results along with more ease in discovering the ideal pattern that matches your countertop visions. Not to mention that these quartz brand leaders offer extended warranty offers to make your purchase a more comfortable and risk-free one. For reference, Cambria and Caesarstone both offer lifetime warranties.


5. Eco-Friendly Option

 If there is one thing for sure, the push for eco-friendly and sustainable living has been a focal point on a global scale. According to Barron’s, 70% of the United States and Canadian consumers believe that eco-friendly brands are a vitality. This strive naturally bleeds into home décor choices, making quartz a prime target. Since quartz countertops are engineered using material stone and recycled materials, it equates to it being an ultimate

environmentally-friendly option that lowers waste generation. Furthermore, if you ever choose to replace it down the road, quartz countertops are 100% recyclable, making it an even more favorable choice for those seeking to reduce negative environmental impacts.


Conclusion - A White Quartz Rich Future

 All in all, quartz countertops have always been an accredited choice for homeowners and residential/commercial construction professionals. Since first debuting in the early 1960s to now, quartz countertops have made a reputable name for itself for their durability, sustainably, and opulent appeal, all of which has positioned it to become the leading choice to bolster home value and aesthetics. But speaking strictly in trends, white quartz is the most dominating tone to fulfill the prevalent modern style itch.

Overall and based on trajectory, the white quartz countertops trend is something that is likely not going to diminish in popularity anytime soon. Whether you are looking to upgrade to sell later on or seeking to improve your forever home, integrating white quartz is a sure-fire way to amplify house quality and raise its market price. With that being said, if you are ready to upgrade your Columbus home with this long-term trend as well, then don’t hesitate to contact Distinctive Kitchen & Bath today to get the process started.











New Tile Backsplash Showroom

Tile Backsplash Showroom Now Open


New Tile Backsplash Showroom Now Open

The tile backsplash has reinvented kitchen design. An area of kitchens that has been largely neglected through the decades is now getting the attention it deserves. From retro to subway tile, textured or smooth, colorful or neutral, the backsplash is oozing with personality.

As Ohio’s leader in all things countertops and tile, Distinctive Kitchen is pleased to announce our new tile backsplash showroom is now open. Come get inspired in person, and read on to learn how to a backsplash helps you get creative in your kitchen.

What is a Tile Backsplash?

Tile backsplashes fill the space between the top of your kitchen countertops and the bottom of your hanging wall cabinets and span the length of the countertop. Many homeowners choose to install a tile backsplash for aesthetic purposes, but they can also make this space easier to clean. Simply wipe away any food “splashes” to keep your walls looking like new.

Benefits of Tile Backsplash

Tile has a history of being easy to clean, but that’s not the only reason it belongs in your kitchen. Tiles also resist moisture, mold, and staining, a feat that regular walls haven’t mastered.

They’re easy to maintain, and since they’re non-porous, they will keep their appearance over time.

And if it’s been a while since you explored various tile options, you’ll find that there’s a tile backsplash to suit every style. Picking out a backsplash that fits your home’s personality is part of the fun! From subway tile to marble backsplash to glass mosaics, large tiles or small tiles, patterns or solids, this is your chance to get creative.

Our Best Tips for Choosing a Tile Backsplash

When you’re considering applying a tile backsplash in your kitchen, we highly recommend coming into our showroom in person to see your options up close. But that’s just the beginning. Use these tips to choose a backsplash pattern you’ll love seeing in your kitchen every day:

Stick with Your Kitchen’s Color Scheme

Your bare space between the countertops and cabinets likely doesn’t get much attention now. But when you apply a tile backsplash, this space will become a big focal point of your kitchen. That’s why you’ll want to complement the rest of your kitchen instead of getting too out of character. When done well, your backsplash will look like it was part of the design all along rather than treated as an afterthought.

Mix Up Tile Patterns

Depending on your kitchen layout, you may be able to do different backsplashes on different walls. Many of our clients invest more in the space above the sink or range because those spaces tend to be bigger and command more attention.

You might do a tile backsplash along the small spaces in between your cabinets and countertops and opt for a marble backsplash above your range, for example. This works especially well when you have countertops and your range or sink on different walls.

Or, you might choose to do a neutral tile backsplash for most of your kitchen and go bolder above the range or sink. These areas already get more attention than other wall space in your kitchen, so a brighter or bolder texture or color can work well.

Do a Test Run

Sometimes, you simply don’t know what you want until you see it in action. Once you narrow your favorites, use samples of countertop and cabients from our larges whoroom. Get a feel for how they look with your individual kitchen. See which ones start to grow on you and which ones don’t suit your kitchen as well as you’d hoped. There’s nothing like making the right choice the first time.


 Tile backsplash Room



Explore the Largest Selection of Tile Backsplash in Ohio!

Our tile backsplash showroom is open for you to explore and our design team is ready to meet with you. We’ll work with you to help you choose a backsplash that will complement your kitchen and capture the personality of your home. And, if you’re in the market to update your kitchen, we provide a one-stop shop for all things countertops, cabinets, and now tile backsplashes. 

Come visit us today and let your creativity be your guide!

See Your Countertops in Your Kitchen Before You Buy with Distinctive Kitchen & Bath

See Your Countertops in Your Kitchen Before You Buy with Distinctive Kitchen & Bath

In the smart, technology-charged world we live in today, there isn’t any need to spend hours at a countertop fabricator, poring over miles and miles of countertop material – and trying to imagine how the different countertop materials would look in our kitchen at home – in order to make the best decision about our own kitchen work surfaces.

Using cutting edge computer design technology from Slabsmith, Distinctive creates templates for each customer purchasing natural stone countertops, taking into account any breaks or necessary holes in the slabs for sinks, faucets, and seams.

After that, the countertop specialists at Distinctive Kitchen & Bath will take a high-quality photo of a customer’s desired countertop material – whether they choose the pearliest marble, or the deepest, darkest granite – and overlay this onto the template, creating an illuminating digital image that shows how their countertops will look before the material has been cut or fabricated.

But how can this service benefit you?

The virtual countertop image allows you to try before we cut.

Thanks to the advancement of digital imaging technology, any customer of Distinctive Kitchen & Bath kitchen countertops can see what their chosen countertop material will look like when it has been fabricated to measure, taking into account the unique design of their kitchen.

While you won’t physically see the countertops in your kitchen before you buy, the digital imaging technology used by Distinctive will allow you to get the best idea of what your countertop material will look like as actual countertops. So, you’ll be able to see where the seams will go, the placement of the veins of your chosen material in addition to any other natural characteristics of the stone you choose.

Distinctive Kitchen & Bath allows customers to customize their countertops.

After Distinctive Kitchen & Bath create the digital image, they send the image to their customers to review. If they’re happy with how the countertops look, they can approve the image. On the other hand, Distinctive Kitchen & Bath want to create countertops which perfectly satisfy their customers, so they welcome any suggestions about material/seam placement that a customer might have.

This is particularly useful for customers considering material such as quartz, granite, quartzite or soapstone – as customers can make suggestions relating to the specific placement of the stone’s natural features and characteristics, such as veins.

For example, if a customer notices some veins near the edge of the kitchen surface that they would like to display in the prime position – in the middle of the kitchen countertops – they can request that the material is cut with this objective in mind.


There’s no need to take time off work.

Thanks to the process being 100% digital, customers of Distinctive Kitchen & Bath can approve their layout all from an email.

More than this, the kitchen countertop specialists at Distinctive Kitchen & Bath are available to contact on zoom, if you want to talk through your suggestions or get answers to your countertop-related queries.

Particularly in this period of time, when the pandemic still pervades the nation, the team at Distinctive Kitchen & Bath feel that it is important to offer as many services as possible virtually – though the showroom is as safe as can be, with extensive cleaning and safety precautions in place to protect those who’d prefer to see the countertop materials in person – so that their customers have the option of staying inside the safety of their home, without having to delay a much-needed kitchen rejuvenation.

What happens next?

When a customer is completely satisfied with the design of their countertops – and they approve of the placement of the seams, and the placement of any natural characteristics of the countertop material they choose – the installation experts from Distinctive Kitchen & Bath will get started to make their digitally created countertops a reality in their home.


So, if you want to be sure that you’re making the right choice – and you want to see what your kitchen countertops will look like before you make the big decision to buy – head over the Distinctive Kitchen & Bath website, or visit their showroom in Columbus, Ohio.

Black Pearl

The Best Choice for Black Countertops

Is Black Granite a Good Choice for Kitchen Countertops?

The black and white kitchen is in, specifically white cabinets with black countertops. When exploring your options for the latter, black granite is the best choice for kitchen countertops. It’s beautiful, rugged, and functional. And while it may be considered a bold choice by some, black granite offers a unique aesthetic that no other color or material can match.

Here’s what you can expect when you make black granite kitchen countertops part of your home:

Black Granite Durability

When you choose black for your kitchen countertops, two common options are black quartz and black granite. If you’re basing your decision on durability alone, black granite wins.

That’s because black quartz can scratch more easily than black granite, which could mar the appearance of your kitchen countertop. Black granite can stand up to tough kitchen challenges and look like new for years to come.

Along with its scratch resistance, black granite also stands up to heat. If you put a hot pot on your granite countertop, you won’t have to worry about it burning a ring into your material.

What’s more, black granite is very resilient against stains because of its density. Its non-porous surface repels liquids and debris instead of letting them seep into the material.

Black Granite Price

When comparing black quartz and black granite on price, black granite is the less expensive option. Specifically, black pearl granite (one of our most popular granite choices) gives you a nice bang for your buck. The stunning bits of silver mica in the black pearl granite give off a beautiful contrast. It looks like a twinkling night sky in your own kitchen.

Black granite is also less expensive than soapstone black. What’s more, because soapstone typically contains talc, it’s a bit softer than granite and therefore more susceptible to scratches.

Granted, price isn’t everything. But when you combine the upfront cost savings with its long-lasting durability, then black granite becomes an even more cost-effective choice.


Black Countertops White Cabinets



Low Maintenance

It’s easier to keep your countertops looking like new when they’re low maintenance. If that’s your goal, then black granite makes a smart choice.

You won’t need any special cleaners or chemicals to keep your countertops in good condition. Just a little hot water is enough to maintain its sparkle.

However, low maintenance doesn’t mean impervious to all damage. It’s best practice to seal your granite countertops once per year to resist stains and water.

Variety of Finishes

The right finish option can pull together your white and black kitchen design. Black granite gives you plenty of variety in terms of appearance: polished, leathered, or honed.

Leathered is becoming a very popular choice for home bars and basements. It’s less shiny but offers more than a hint of texture.

Polished granite shines and offers a glossy look and feel. The mirror-like finish brings out the granite’s natural depth of color and unique patterns. Plus, a polished finish is the least porous of the three options, which could make maintenance a little easier.

For a less shiny yet equally rich aesthetic, honed granite is ideal for a contemporary look. A smooth texture without the shine lets your countertops blend in with the scenery instead of stealing the show. Something to keep in mind is that honed finishes are more porous than polished granite and may require more frequent sealing. Sealing helps to protect against spills and stains so your granite looks great for years to come.

The black granite finish you choose can change the entire aesthetic of your kitchen. Still, it’s hard to make a “wrong” choice if you’re going for a modern white and black kitchen.

Here is an example of Black Pearl in a leathered finished comnpared to a polished finish.

Black Pearl Leather vs Polished


Come See Black Granite Kitchen Countertops in Person!

Our Distinctive Kitchen showroom in Columbus can help you put black granite countertops into perspective and decide whether they’re the right choice for your new kitchen. We invite you to speak with one of our in-house designers who can help you explore your material and finish options to make the white and black kitchen of your dreams!

Blue Cabinets

The Best Countertops Materials For Your Kitchen

The Best Countertops Materials For Your Kitchen

When it comes to choosing the right material for your kitchen countertops, the choice can be overwhelming. After all, you need to take into account a number of factors, such as budget, aesthetics, durability, and the appearance of the rest of your kitchen, as well as how much time you’re willing to put into the maintenance and upkeep of your kitchen countertops.

At Distinctive Kitchen & Bath, we want to make the choice as easy as possible, by laying out the strengths and weaknesses of each countertop material, so you can decide which best suits you and your kitchen.

And, as central Ohio’s leading countertop fabricator – and a trusted supplier of Home Depot countertops for 25 years, providing Home Depot quartz and granite, among a host of other Home Depot countertops materials – you can be sure that you’re getting the best of the best materials to adorn your kitchen surfaces.


 When it comes to aesthetic brilliance, you’re unlikely to beat marble, as the richly textured, usually white or light-coloured rock, is decorated with stunning natural veins, which highlight the depth of the stone.

However, there is no beauty without pain and – likewise – marble is one of the more impractical materials you could choose to build your kitchen countertops. This is because marble is a naturally soft rock, and is, consequently, susceptible to scratches and chips – moreover, marble countertops need to be sealed annually – in order to protect against potential stains.

Having said this, if your kitchen isn’t particularly ‘high action’ and you don’t mind putting in a bit of extra effort to keep your countertops safe from stains and bacteria (by ensuring your countertops are sealed annually), marble might be the choice for you – especially if you highly value the aesthetic of your kitchen.


 As another attractive natural rock countertop material, there is a huge variety of granite to choose from, coming in an array of textures and colors due to its unique mineral configuration. Namely, granite is typically made up of a combination of hornblende, quartz, mica, and feldspar, among other minerals, which account for the infinite styles available in Home Depot granite, and the granite from Distinctive Kitchen and Bath

 More than this, granite is a practical choice, being scratch and chip resistant, and being less porous than marble, meaning fewer seals required to keep the rock stain-free. On top of this, granite is also inexpensive compared to other natural rocks, such as marble and quartz.


 Natural quartz is the strongest component present in granite, meaning that – out of all the possible countertop choices – quartz is the most scratch, chip and damage resistant.

Moreover, many quartz countertop brands – such as Hanstone quartz – combine the natural quartz with a small percentage of synthetic material in order to combat the innate porousness of natural rock. This means that most quartz countertops don’t ever need to be sealed in order to retain a stain-free appearance, while simultaneously repelling – and not retaining – bacteria.

As a result of quartz’s unbeatable durability – without any compromise on appearance – and due to the fact that it’s incredibly low maintenance (and will never need repairing) this material is slightly pricier than granite, though still less costly than marble.


 Laminate countertops from Distinctive Kitchen & Bath are made from recycled and renewable materials, while the manufacturing process releases low CO2 emissions, making it one of the greenest options for countertops materials available on the market.

Moreover, at Distinctive Kitchen & Bath only the most durable laminate surfaces are manufactured, to make the material less easy to scratch – though, compared to hard rocks such as granite and quartz, it will still chip and scratch under pressure.

 Still, laminate countertops come in an enormous range of colors and styles, and while they may not have the same aesthetic status as natural rock, they almost certainly make up for it with their low price.

 Solid surface.

 Providing an aesthetic that imitates natural wood and stone, solid surface is a budget-friendly alternative to quartz, granite and marble.

What’s more, there are hundreds of different colours and patterns of solid surface available to choose from, to perfectly fit with the aesthetic of your kitchen, from vibrant block colours to patterns that simulate the look of stone or wood.

While they have the advantage of being non-porous – so they never need sealing – solid surface countertops can be scratched and chipped more easily than rocks such as granite, though they’re easily repairable..

So, if you’ve been browsing Home Depot quartz, granite, laminate or solid surface countertops and you haven’t quite found what you’re looking for, consider heading over to the Distinctive Kitchen & Bath website – or visit the showroom – to browse our infinite selection of countertops.