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The Best Countertops Materials For Your Kitchen

The Best Countertops Materials For Your Kitchen

When it comes to choosing the right material for your kitchen countertops, the choice can be overwhelming. After all, you need to take into account a number of factors, such as budget, aesthetics, durability, and the appearance of the rest of your kitchen, as well as how much time you’re willing to put into the maintenance and upkeep of your kitchen countertops.

At Distinctive Kitchen & Bath, we want to make the choice as easy as possible, by laying out the strengths and weaknesses of each countertop material, so you can decide which best suits you and your kitchen.

And, as central Ohio’s leading countertop fabricator – and a trusted supplier of Home Depot countertops for 25 years, providing Home Depot quartz and granite, among a host of other Home Depot countertops materials – you can be sure that you’re getting the best of the best materials to adorn your kitchen surfaces.


 When it comes to aesthetic brilliance, you’re unlikely to beat marble, as the richly textured, usually white or light-coloured rock, is decorated with stunning natural veins, which highlight the depth of the stone.

However, there is no beauty without pain and – likewise – marble is one of the more impractical materials you could choose to build your kitchen countertops. This is because marble is a naturally soft rock, and is, consequently, susceptible to scratches and chips – moreover, marble countertops need to be sealed annually – in order to protect against potential stains.

Having said this, if your kitchen isn’t particularly ‘high action’ and you don’t mind putting in a bit of extra effort to keep your countertops safe from stains and bacteria (by ensuring your countertops are sealed annually), marble might be the choice for you – especially if you highly value the aesthetic of your kitchen.


 As another attractive natural rock countertop material, there is a huge variety of granite to choose from, coming in an array of textures and colors due to its unique mineral configuration. Namely, granite is typically made up of a combination of hornblende, quartz, mica, and feldspar, among other minerals, which account for the infinite styles available in Home Depot granite, and the granite from Distinctive Kitchen and Bath

 More than this, granite is a practical choice, being scratch and chip resistant, and being less porous than marble, meaning fewer seals required to keep the rock stain-free. On top of this, granite is also inexpensive compared to other natural rocks, such as marble and quartz.


 Natural quartz is the strongest component present in granite, meaning that – out of all the possible countertop choices – quartz is the most scratch, chip and damage resistant.

Moreover, many quartz countertop brands – such as Hanstone quartz – combine the natural quartz with a small percentage of synthetic material in order to combat the innate porousness of natural rock. This means that most quartz countertops don’t ever need to be sealed in order to retain a stain-free appearance, while simultaneously repelling – and not retaining – bacteria.

As a result of quartz’s unbeatable durability – without any compromise on appearance – and due to the fact that it’s incredibly low maintenance (and will never need repairing) this material is slightly pricier than granite, though still less costly than marble.


 Laminate countertops from Distinctive Kitchen & Bath are made from recycled and renewable materials, while the manufacturing process releases low CO2 emissions, making it one of the greenest options for countertops materials available on the market.

Moreover, at Distinctive Kitchen & Bath only the most durable laminate surfaces are manufactured, to make the material less easy to scratch – though, compared to hard rocks such as granite and quartz, it will still chip and scratch under pressure.

 Still, laminate countertops come in an enormous range of colors and styles, and while they may not have the same aesthetic status as natural rock, they almost certainly make up for it with their low price.

 Solid surface.

 Providing an aesthetic that imitates natural wood and stone, solid surface is a budget-friendly alternative to quartz, granite and marble.

What’s more, there are hundreds of different colours and patterns of solid surface available to choose from, to perfectly fit with the aesthetic of your kitchen, from vibrant block colours to patterns that simulate the look of stone or wood.

While they have the advantage of being non-porous – so they never need sealing – solid surface countertops can be scratched and chipped more easily than rocks such as granite, though they’re easily repairable..

So, if you’ve been browsing Home Depot quartz, granite, laminate or solid surface countertops and you haven’t quite found what you’re looking for, consider heading over to the Distinctive Kitchen & Bath website – or visit the showroom – to browse our infinite selection of countertops.

Quartz Countertops

Why Quartz Is A Great Alternative to Marble and Granite

With marble and granite countertops containing the opulent appeal that they do, it may come as a shock to know that quartz was actually the most favored countertop material in 2020 for home remodeling projects. But, as professionals here at Distinctive Kitchen & Bath located in Columbus, the popularity of consistent colored/white quartz does make intellectual sense.

Known as one of earth’s hardest minerals, quartz is arguably the most durable solution for kitchens and comes in a large selection of colors and designs. It is found all over the world, but the largest mining sites are in Arkansas and Brazil. For a bit of a fun fact, the largest quartz crystal was discovered in Brazil, weighing 44+ tons. Nonetheless, investing in quartz, especially from manufacturers like Cambria, Caesarstone, Silestone, and HanStone like we feature, unlocks a whole advanced inventory of benefits that are worth noting before making your final countertop decision.


Why Are Quartz Is A Great Alternative

For starters, quartz, granite, and marble are the most sought out countertop options on the market today. Granite has been at the top for the past few decades, marble has been a prime focal point, and quartz has risen in recent years as a viable alternative to both granite and marble. The underlying reason is because not only is it diversified and strong, but the surfaces are engineered (roughly 90% ground natural quartz and 10% polyresin). This means that quartz can literally illuminate any style you want, including mimicking granite and marble looks. In addition, because quartz surfaces are engineered, they are non-porous, unlike granite and marble. This indicates that you do not have to seal your quartz countertops as you would with granite or marble.

The Advantages of Quartz Countertops


Exceptionally Durable and Safe 

Though this was touched upon above, quartz's durability is one of the leading reasons why it is as popular as it is today. Its "toughness" becomes the catalyst for it being crack and chip resistant. That, in conjunction with it being non-porous, means the risk of staining are slim to none and will not harbor harmful bacteria or viruses. Because your kitchen is where you eat, having this instilled advantage makes it a prime candidate for those who are putting health and wellness first.

Large Selection of Consistent Colors and Patterns

 Again, quartz is an engineered stone. This equates to the limitless ability to construct and manipulate features and tones that can appeal to any kitchen design. No matter if you are aiming for a modernize, while quartz aesthetic or a beige/noble gray for a warmer result, there will be a quartz option out there (and here at our store) that will fit the mold you are trying to fill perfectly.  

 Quartz Warranty 

The last big one that you should be aware of is the quartz warranty. Warranties, in general, should always be reviewed as part of your selection process. Luckily, all top quartz manufacturers have a warranty. Some offer 15 years of protection, some go up to 25 years, and others offer a lifetime warranty. Keep in mind that warranties do differ a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the terms themselves are very similar. For some more insight into the ones we have, below is a glimpse of what you can expect.

Conclusion - A Paralleled Alternative


In summary, kitchen remodeling/constructing is a significant milestone in your home building objectives, meaning the countertops you choose should not be a decision made lightly. Yes, marble and granite are still both wonderful options, but understand that quartz countertops feature their own vibrant appeal that can deliver that upgraded, luxurious vibe while still being practical.

Overall, it is undeniable that naturally derived colored and white quartz is a beautiful asset to any Columbus home, and integrating it into your design will surely make a grand statement. Not to mention that it contains some pretty impressive advantages that make it a prime alternative to its competitive counterparts. With all that being said, if you are ready to complete your kitchen look with quartz and add immense value, we here at Distinctive Kitchen & Bath are on standby to help you make it happen.



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Hanstone Quartz

HanStone Quartz: A Great Marble & Granite Alternative for your Countertops

When it comes to selecting a material to use for your kitchen countertops, the process can be daunting. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and the colour, texture and material you choose will have a huge influence on the overall appearance – and functionality – of your kitchen.

HanStone Quartz is arguably the best all-rounder on the market – a perfect compromise between effortless style and aesthetics, durability, and longevity – cultivating countertops which are easy to maintain, and stand the test of time, while managing to sacrifice none of the style.

Because HanStone Quartz is available to purchase in over 60 colors in North America, there’s a huge selection of colours and textures to choose from, depending on the atmosphere you want to create in your kitchen – whether you’re opting for a cool modern look, or an earthy cottage vibe.

In addition to producing countertops which closely resemble kitchen work surface favourites such as granite and marble, the unique HanStone Breton™ manufacturing process allows for the inclusion of materials such as colored glass, mirrors, mother-of-pearl, or even fragments of semi-precious stones like amethyst, which can be embedded in the HanStone Quartz.

Whatever thickness, width and length of material you need to create your countertops, Columbus HanStone quartz can be made to measure – and the many different varieties available ensure that there’s a HanStone Quartz product to suit every budget.


So, what actually is HanStone Quartz? 

HanStone Quartz is made from 93% natural quartz, one of the hardest substances found within natural granite. Earning a rating of 7 out of 10 on the hardness scale, HanStone is only beaten in hardness by rocks such as sapphire, topaz and – the hardest material of all – diamond.

This makes quartz naturally more scratch resistant than many other rocks, such as marble or granite. In fact, HanStone Quartz has been found to be six times as strong as granite, one of the hardest, most durable rocks available for use in kitchen countertops.

Moreover, the natural mined quartz is combined with top tier polyester resins to make HanStone Quartz lower maintenance than any other natural stone surface, as the polyester counteracts the quartz’s natural porousness.

Lastly, the natural quartz – commonly white quartz – is infused with pigment to create natural, varied looks, ranging from the pearliest whites, to the darkest greys, in addition to river, rose and forest tones, among many other colours and textures.


Why should you consider HanStone Quartz over natural rock such as granite or marble?

While the beauty and brilliance of granite and – particularly – marble countertops can’t be disputed, using pure, natural rock comes with a number of drawbacks when it comes to functionality.

Here are a few reasons why HanStone Quartz might be a better granite or marble alternative:


HanStone Quartz is incredibly stain resistant.


Due to the high-quality resin combined with the natural quartz, HanStone Quartz – unlike other rocks, such as marble – is non-porous, meaning that spillages sit on top of HanStone Quartz countertops, and wait patiently to be cleaned off, rather than seep into the rock, causing irremovable stains.

Marble, on the other hand, is porous, which means that substances like tomato juice, wine, and even seemingly risk-free liquids such as water – when it’s left on the surface for too long – can all seep into the rock and alter its colour. To counteract this effect, marble needs sealing at least once annually.

In contrast, HanStone Quartz never needs sealing, yet you can still expect to enjoy stain-free surfaces for its entire life. What’s more: HanStone Quartz is also bacteria and heat resistant, so no nasty bugs get trapped in the rock, and there’s no need to panic that you’ve ruined the surface if you put down a hot baking tray onto a HanStone Quartz countertop.


HanStone quartz is scratch and chip resistant.

Due to the incredible strength of quartz as a rock, HanStone quartz is six times as strong – and six times as durable – as granite surfaces which, themselves, are known for being the stronger countertop material, and the more durable marble alternative.

This means that HanStone Quartz surfaces are rarely scratched or chipped, allowing them to maintain their flawless finish from the beginning to the end of their life.


HanStone Quartz is low maintenance.

Unlike other natural rock, such as granite and marble – which require sealing annually, in order to reduce the amount they stain, and retain spillages – HanStone Quartz never needs sealing, so after it’s installed, your countertops are unlikely to need professional attention ever again.

Moreover, because HanStone quartz is so hard, it’s incredibly difficult to scratch or chip – unless, for example, you were to scratch a diamond down its surface – so you’ll never need to have the surface polished, buffed or fixed by countertop fixing professionals, as long as you show your countertops the very basic amount of care.

And, if you need to clean your HanStone Quartz surfaces, all you need to do is use warm soapy water, to return any dirty countertop to its original, timeless brilliance.

For these reasons, HanStone Quartz is the go-to choice for architects and homeowners alike, as no other surface can compare to the range of benefits afforded by HanStone Quartz, with its unparalleled consistency of colour and texture, in addition to its high quality, natural-looking appearance.


Is HanStone Quartz a viable marble alternative?

One of the reasons why marble is such a desirable stone – and a popular choice for kitchen countertops – is its natural beauty. Natural marble is often white, always shiny, as well as uniquely veined and rich with texture, making it an incredible decorative statement in your kitchen.

Yet, unfortunately, the stone is also innately soft, making it extremely prone to scratches and chips, and – like most rocks – marble is highly porous, meaning that it retains stains; this is particularly problematic considering its flawless snowy beauty, which could be so easily ruined by a spilled can of tomato juice.

Many of the HanStone Quartz variations are made with white quartz, echoing the marble-effect to an almost indistinguishable degree. Likewise, the veining in each slab of HanStone quartz countertop reflects the natural veining present in all marble work surfaces and countertops.

Another of marble’s most desirable is that it comes in a huge array of styles, meaning that you can choose a marble countertop to perfectly fit with the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Likewise, HanStone quartz has over 60 different varieties, to give customers the best possible chance to find their perfect countertop, making it the perfect marble alternative; even if you want the authentic white marble look, the natural white quartz used to create the Columbus HanStone Quartz countertops is almost indistinguishable from the real thing.


Where can you get the best HanStone Quartz countertops?

Based in Columbus Ohio, Distinctive Kitchen & Bath is central Ohio’s leading countertop fabricator and – even more crucially – it’s the largest HanStone fabricator in the region, allowing them to offer the best price for HanStone quartz countertops and Countertops to their customers.

With 25 years of experience and expertise in installing granite, marble, quartz and quartzite materials, Distinctive Kitchen & Bath likewise work with some of the biggest brands in countertop materials, such as Silestone, Cambria, Caesarstone and – of course – HanStone.

All HanStone quartz countertops are produced in North America, and the white quartz countertops from Distinctive Kitchen & Bath is produced in London, Ontario, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that fabricates using CNC water /diamond. More than this, Distinctive K&B perform all of their installations themselves – there’s no subcontractors in the middle, pushing up the price.

So, as long as you’re local, you’ll be able to obtain your desired kitchen countertops – a bargain of the highest quality – in absolutely no time.

If you’re concerned about budget – don’t worry. Distinctive Kitchen & Bath offers a range of HanStone quartz products which cater to every budget. Moreover, they specialize in aiding with new builds, remodelling, multi-family projects, to dealing with bigger corporations, so the team at Distinctive K&B know how to cater to your specific situation.

More than this, Distinctive Kitchen & Bath also offer Hanex solid surfaces – as a complement to HanStone quartz – as an acrylic solid surface brand, that provides clean, smooth, durable surfaces which are easier to clean and maintain, making Hanex perfect for schools, hotels, restaurants, and any other busy, high-impact locations, where time is of the essence, and durability is a must.


To begin your countertop selection journey – and to see the incredible range of HanStone quartz countertops for yourself – visit the Distinctive Kitchen & Bath showroom in Columbus, Ohio 6325 Busch Blvd., Columbus Ohio

Open from 8am-5pm Monday until Friday, and at 9am until 3pm on weekends, you can shop at the showroom with confidence, thanks to Distinctive K&B’s rigorous cleaning process and social distancing measures, which ensure that both customers and staff are always safe, allowing them to continue to build their dream kitchen.



Granite Countertops

Granite Is A Perfect Countertop Choice in 2021

Whether it be luxury white granite, black granite, or any other affordable granite style in-between, there is a reason why this natural stone has withstood the tests of time as a prime kitchen countertop asset. In fact, the National Association of Home Builders conducted a survey that showcased 64% of new homes picked granite as their countertop choice. Overall, granite is a highly demanded, prestigious material that not only adds immense value and aesthetic appeal to your home, but also provides the perfect insurance that you will have a quality countertop without intensive maintenance. This favorable outcome and ROI are especially guaranteed when you choose from our opulent supply here at Distinctive Kitchen & Bath located in Columbus, Ohio.

Now, let's say that you are either building a new home here in Columbus or undergoing a kitchen remodel. If so, and you are still on the fence if granite is the ideal selection for your long-term objectives, then stick around for a bit. As granite countertop professionals, we have compiled a comprehensive overview to give you a more intuitive look at what granite actually is, the current trends for designing guidance, and the fundamental reasons why this stone is such a perfect solution to maximize your home’s value. 


Where Does Granite Come From?


Going back to the roots of granite, this stone has been around for billions of years under the earth’s continental crust. Though there are mining quarries all across the globe, the more prolific quarries are located in places like Brazil, India, and Italy, which is where we source the majority of our granites. The granite is blasted from the quarries, and the rough-edged stone is sent to us for fabrication to transform into your new countertop. During this process, the granite is cut, polished, and installed by our professional crews.


Fun Fact: Granite is mostly composed of minerals such as hornblende, quartz, mica, and feldspar.


Why Granite Is A Great Choice for Countertops 




Our showroom has a wide range of pricing, with many options of affordable granite to choose from. I built my business to deliver the highest quality granite selections at affordable prices. Something else to note is that even if you do choose granite over a cheaper alternative, you are effectively gaining a higher return on your investment in the long run. This is because you are investing in a countertop that will potentially increase your home's retail value up to 25%, and you will not have to replace them as you would with laminate.




Granite’s durability is a leading reason for it being as popular as it is. Unlike laminate and solid surface kitchen countertops, granite’s makeup is just about impossible to scratch, stain, or break. Along with granite’s extremely solid and scratch-proof surface, it is also moisture and heat resistant as well, making it a fantastic option for both appeal and reducing the worry of having to take on intensive maintenance.




After any new counter installation, the last thing you want to deal with is having to replace them prematurely due to low quality. With granite, this is a risk you don’t have to worry about. Granite has an impressively long lifespan that ranges well over 100 years. By the time you integrate granite countertops into your home, this stone is already millions/billions of years old. So, it is safe to state that when you choose granite for your countertops, it will likely be the last time you will ever need to upgrade again.


Incredibly Unique and Color Versatile


The best part about granite is that it comes in so many colors and patterns that can improve interior and exterior aesthetics. What is even more intriguing is that no two granite slabs are ever going to be exactly the same, which is why this is such an authentic choice. The style and color options you have are seemingly endless to match your home design. Overall, whether you choose light, dark, thick, or thin, you will be able to appreciate the superior vibrancies that granite has to offer.


Granite Countertop Color Trends for 2021


First and foremost, prevalent color trends do not equate to you having to narrow down your selection to the ones listed. You can either choose to follow the trends if you wish or select a different style/color from the hundreds that we feature here in Columbus. Nonetheless, use this 2021 trend information as a reference to help your decision process, not as a pinnacle rule. With that being said, what are the granite styles in high demand today? Whites and greys - more specifically, Black Pearl, Luna Pearl, River White, and Alaska White.


Black Pearl: The sharp, chic look is widespread in the year 2021, which inadvertently pushed Black Pearl granite a trending color. The dark tones of black granite offer a very edgy yet warming vibe. In particular, black pearl provides a semi-solid black color that contains speckles of reflective silver, brown, green, gold, and gray shades to add an extra layer of appeal.


River White: In the ever-evolving modern age, clean, fresh, and classic are in. River White granite is able to fulfill this trending demand with some extra color twists. This style has a white base that is enriched with dark and light gray and veins with burgundy flakes. All coming together, it gives River White granite slabs authentic patterns that surface wow-factor reactions.


Luna Pearl: Not black and not white, Luna Pearl offers a perfect brown/creamy tone medium for those on the natural look trend. Luna Pearl is a strongly demanded granite countertop today for its brown variations with hints of gray, cream, and blackish flakes. This material is able to give the luxury, modern resemblance while still keeping the traditional aesthetic goal alive.


Alaska White: Lastly, Alaska White is a stunning countertop material and a hot 2021 trend for its unique frosted color blends. Those who choose Alaska White granite are subjected to a mixture of warm neutral colors, in conjunction with silvers, frosty whites, and onyx hues. In addition, the diverse tones give it the uncanny ability to integrate nicely in just about any architectural layout, both indoors and outdoors.




Conclusion - Illuminate Beautiful Elegance with Affordable Granite


All in all, granite is a beautiful, robust, and powerful resource that is proven to add quality and elegance to any home. As you can see above, this is an all-natural material that has not gone out of style due to being an igneous rock that comes in varying colors ranging from white granite to black granite. Not to mention that the profound advantages of installing granite are unparalleled in terms of durability and longevity, which play a significant role in its appeal as well.


As a final note, granite delivers a classic beauty that is susceptible to trends, but never forget that there are hundreds of affordable granite colors you can select from here at Distinctive Kitchen & Bath to align with your Columbus home design visions. In the end, no matter which style of granite you choose, you can have the solidifying confidence that we will help you create your ideal dream kitchen that is guaranteed to leave lasting impressions. 


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Fantasy Brown: What Type of Stone is It?

Distinctive Kitchen & Bath located in Columbus, Ohio fabricates and installs Fantasy Brown countertops, we answer the question of what type of stone it is, how to care and clean, and the cost of Fantasy Brown. 


Fantasy Brown: What Type of Stone is It?


Fantasy Brown: it looks and feels as dreamy as it sounds. But its name and appearance aren’t all that’s got people talking. When it comes to using it for your countertops, the big question is: what type of stone is Fantasy Brown?

The answer is a little confusing and can vary, depending on who you ask. At Distinctive Kitchen, it’s time to put the questions to rest. Here’s what you need to know about Fantasy Brown (sometimes called Mascavo or Canyon Dawn) and its structure that’s as unique as its color.

Fantasy Brown, By Any Other Name

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck. But what happens when it looks like marble, is durable like granite, and is natural like quartzite? You get Fantasy Brown, which is actually none of the above.  

Fantasy Brown is truly in a category all its own. It shares many characteristics of granite, marble, and quartzite, yet can’t truly be classified as any of these. Its closest neighbor is a “hard” marble, also called a “Dolomite Marble.” Similar to marble, Fantasy Brown contains a fairly high concentration of calcium carbonate. 

It’s too soft to be considered quartzite, plus it typically does not contain enough quartz to be considered a true quartzite. 

It also can’t be considered granite, since granite is made from lava while Fantasy Brown comes from metamorphic rocks. 

If you do a quick Google search on Fantasy Brown, you’ll see it commonly referred to as Fantasy Brown Granite, followed by Fantasy Brown Marble. Both are widely accepted, albeit technically incorrect. However, when you come into Distinctive Kitchens and ask for Fantasy Brown, we’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.

Let’s look at some of the characteristics that make Fantasy Brown a top choice for modern kitchens:

Where Does Fantasy Brown Come From?

Fantasy Brown is quarried in Rajasthan, the Northern Region of India. It is a sedimentary stone, which is why it can’t technically be considered a granite. 

Fantasy Brown is quickly becoming a popular choice in American kitchens. Its durability and neutral colors create a fresh, modern look that will be in style for years to come.

What Colors are In Fantasy Brown?

Like other natural stone countertops, Fantasy Brown isn’t as “brown” as its name implies. Rather, it’s a swirling array of colors, including creams, whites, browns, and grays. And like other natural stone slabs, each pattern and color combination are unique. Not every slab will have every color, while some colors may be more obvious or abundant than others.

In addition, Fantasy Brown comes in three finish options. The most popular is polished, which gives the rock a beautiful sheen. You can also opt for leathered or honed (honed is a rare choice). 

How to Care for Fantasy Brown Countertops

The good news is that because Fantasy Brown is harder than marble, it is more scratch resistant. However, it can still be susceptible to stains and etching, which is why you will need to be careful about how you treat and clean it. 

Your countertops will be sealed by our professional installation team, but it’s recommended that you seal your Fantasy Brown countertops yearly to avoid stains. If you’re not sure whether it’s time to reseal your countertops, place a few drops of water on the counter and see if it soaks in. If so, then it’s time to reseal since other liquids will be absorbed, too. 

Cleaning up spills and messes promptly can also preserve the look of your countertops. 

Is Fantasy Brown a Good Choice for Kitchens?

It’s the combination of durability and aesthetic that makes Fantasy Brown a solid choice for kitchen countertops. The neutral beauty it brings to your kitchen is a safe choice that will last for years to come. It works well with a range of decor, from farmhouse style kitchens to cottage charm to contemporary and more.

And even though it’s in high demand, it’s also available in great abundance, which gives homeowners a cost-effective, affordable option.

How Much Does Fantasy Brown Cost?

Compared to granite, Fantasy Brown can be either more or less expensive, depending on the specific granite you’re comparing it to. Compared to granite, Fantasy Brown falls in a mid-tier price category. Our sales and design team at Distinctive Kitchen can give you a quote to help you set the right expectations. We offer in-home estimates or you can stop by our showroom to talk to someone about your project. 

Where to Find Fantasy Brown Countertops

Fantasy Brown is becoming just as popular as granite, quartzite, and other natural stones. You’ll find Fantasy Brown countertops at Distinctive Kitchen, along with expert designers who can help you transform the look and feel of your kitchen. Reach out today and let us help you love your kitchen!