Quartz Countertops

Why Quartz Is A Great Alternative to Marble and Granite

With marble and granite countertops containing the opulent appeal that they do, it may come as a shock to know that quartz was actually the most favored countertop material in 2020 for home remodeling projects. But, as professionals here at Distinctive Kitchen & Bath located in Columbus, the popularity of consistent colored/white quartz does make intellectual sense.

Known as one of earth’s hardest minerals, quartz is arguably the most durable solution for kitchens and comes in a large selection of colors and designs. It is found all over the world, but the largest mining sites are in Arkansas and Brazil. For a bit of a fun fact, the largest quartz crystal was discovered in Brazil, weighing 44+ tons. Nonetheless, investing in quartz, especially from manufacturers like Cambria, Caesarstone, Silestone, and HanStone like we feature, unlocks a whole advanced inventory of benefits that are worth noting before making your final countertop decision.


Why Are Quartz Is A Great Alternative

For starters, quartz, granite, and marble are the most sought out countertop options on the market today. Granite has been at the top for the past few decades, marble has been a prime focal point, and quartz has risen in recent years as a viable alternative to both granite and marble. The underlying reason is because not only is it diversified and strong, but the surfaces are engineered (roughly 90% ground natural quartz and 10% polyresin). This means that quartz can literally illuminate any style you want, including mimicking granite and marble looks. In addition, because quartz surfaces are engineered, they are non-porous, unlike granite and marble. This indicates that you do not have to seal your quartz countertops as you would with granite or marble.

The Advantages of Quartz Countertops


Exceptionally Durable and Safe 

Though this was touched upon above, quartz's durability is one of the leading reasons why it is as popular as it is today. Its "toughness" becomes the catalyst for it being crack and chip resistant. That, in conjunction with it being non-porous, means the risk of staining are slim to none and will not harbor harmful bacteria or viruses. Because your kitchen is where you eat, having this instilled advantage makes it a prime candidate for those who are putting health and wellness first.

Large Selection of Consistent Colors and Patterns

 Again, quartz is an engineered stone. This equates to the limitless ability to construct and manipulate features and tones that can appeal to any kitchen design. No matter if you are aiming for a modernize, while quartz aesthetic or a beige/noble gray for a warmer result, there will be a quartz option out there (and here at our store) that will fit the mold you are trying to fill perfectly.  

 Quartz Warranty 

The last big one that you should be aware of is the quartz warranty. Warranties, in general, should always be reviewed as part of your selection process. Luckily, all top quartz manufacturers have a warranty. Some offer 15 years of protection, some go up to 25 years, and others offer a lifetime warranty. Keep in mind that warranties do differ a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the terms themselves are very similar. For some more insight into the ones we have, below is a glimpse of what you can expect.

Conclusion - A Paralleled Alternative


In summary, kitchen remodeling/constructing is a significant milestone in your home building objectives, meaning the countertops you choose should not be a decision made lightly. Yes, marble and granite are still both wonderful options, but understand that quartz countertops feature their own vibrant appeal that can deliver that upgraded, luxurious vibe while still being practical.

Overall, it is undeniable that naturally derived colored and white quartz is a beautiful asset to any Columbus home, and integrating it into your design will surely make a grand statement. Not to mention that it contains some pretty impressive advantages that make it a prime alternative to its competitive counterparts. With all that being said, if you are ready to complete your kitchen look with quartz and add immense value, we here at Distinctive Kitchen & Bath are on standby to help you make it happen.



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