Fantasy Brown: What Type of Stone is It?

Distinctive Kitchen & Bath located in Columbus, Ohio fabricates and installs Fantasy Brown countertops, we answer the question of what type of stone it is, how to care and clean, and the cost of Fantasy Brown. 


Fantasy Brown: What Type of Stone is It?


Fantasy Brown: it looks and feels as dreamy as it sounds. But its name and appearance aren’t all that’s got people talking. When it comes to using it for your countertops, the big question is: what type of stone is Fantasy Brown?

The answer is a little confusing and can vary, depending on who you ask. At Distinctive Kitchen, it’s time to put the questions to rest. Here’s what you need to know about Fantasy Brown (sometimes called Mascavo or Canyon Dawn) and its structure that’s as unique as its color.

Fantasy Brown, By Any Other Name

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck. But what happens when it looks like marble, is durable like granite, and is natural like quartzite? You get Fantasy Brown, which is actually none of the above.  

Fantasy Brown is truly in a category all its own. It shares many characteristics of granite, marble, and quartzite, yet can’t truly be classified as any of these. Its closest neighbor is a “hard” marble, also called a “Dolomite Marble.” Similar to marble, Fantasy Brown contains a fairly high concentration of calcium carbonate. 

It’s too soft to be considered quartzite, plus it typically does not contain enough quartz to be considered a true quartzite. 

It also can’t be considered granite, since granite is made from lava while Fantasy Brown comes from metamorphic rocks. 

If you do a quick Google search on Fantasy Brown, you’ll see it commonly referred to as Fantasy Brown Granite, followed by Fantasy Brown Marble. Both are widely accepted, albeit technically incorrect. However, when you come into Distinctive Kitchens and ask for Fantasy Brown, we’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.

Let’s look at some of the characteristics that make Fantasy Brown a top choice for modern kitchens:

Where Does Fantasy Brown Come From?

Fantasy Brown is quarried in Rajasthan, the Northern Region of India. It is a sedimentary stone, which is why it can’t technically be considered a granite. 

Fantasy Brown is quickly becoming a popular choice in American kitchens. Its durability and neutral colors create a fresh, modern look that will be in style for years to come.

What Colors are In Fantasy Brown?

Like other natural stone countertops, Fantasy Brown isn’t as “brown” as its name implies. Rather, it’s a swirling array of colors, including creams, whites, browns, and grays. And like other natural stone slabs, each pattern and color combination are unique. Not every slab will have every color, while some colors may be more obvious or abundant than others.

In addition, Fantasy Brown comes in three finish options. The most popular is polished, which gives the rock a beautiful sheen. You can also opt for leathered or honed (honed is a rare choice). 

How to Care for Fantasy Brown Countertops

The good news is that because Fantasy Brown is harder than marble, it is more scratch resistant. However, it can still be susceptible to stains and etching, which is why you will need to be careful about how you treat and clean it. 

Your countertops will be sealed by our professional installation team, but it’s recommended that you seal your Fantasy Brown countertops yearly to avoid stains. If you’re not sure whether it’s time to reseal your countertops, place a few drops of water on the counter and see if it soaks in. If so, then it’s time to reseal since other liquids will be absorbed, too. 

Cleaning up spills and messes promptly can also preserve the look of your countertops. 

Is Fantasy Brown a Good Choice for Kitchens?

It’s the combination of durability and aesthetic that makes Fantasy Brown a solid choice for kitchen countertops. The neutral beauty it brings to your kitchen is a safe choice that will last for years to come. It works well with a range of decor, from farmhouse style kitchens to cottage charm to contemporary and more.

And even though it’s in high demand, it’s also available in great abundance, which gives homeowners a cost-effective, affordable option.

How Much Does Fantasy Brown Cost?

Compared to granite, Fantasy Brown can be either more or less expensive, depending on the specific granite you’re comparing it to. Compared to granite, Fantasy Brown falls in a mid-tier price category. Our sales and design team at Distinctive Kitchen can give you a quote to help you set the right expectations. We offer in-home estimates or you can stop by our showroom to talk to someone about your project. 

Where to Find Fantasy Brown Countertops

Fantasy Brown is becoming just as popular as granite, quartzite, and other natural stones. You’ll find Fantasy Brown countertops at Distinctive Kitchen, along with expert designers who can help you transform the look and feel of your kitchen. Reach out today and let us help you love your kitchen!